2D in sketch up problem

I am a 20 years user with AutoCAD in AEC industry and used to be a CAD manager in an Architect firm in the past. I just realized that I can create 2D drawings much more easier and faster with SketchUp than any 2D Cad sofware if using the right tool. I just converted to using SketchUp for 2D drawings last year. With 2D in SketchUp, now my workflow only using SketchUp from sketch to concept design to produce set of CDs, try to follow/archive to BIM standard with a very reasonable price for sofware.

Here’s a sample (all done by SketchUp at the first session of my Design process).
Download my “2D” SketchUp file:

Download Cad file I export from skp file above: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

I export this cad file for cooperation with my partners using CAD after complete Schematic design.

Hi Cyentruk,

It’s interesting people like you are finding SU a better choice for 2D drawing than typical CAD programmes. I don’t use SU-Pro much these days, but when I do, the need is for 3D visuals from the plans created in my architectural CAD programme, as its own CAD 3D drawing side I find too time comsuming.

I’ve not contemplated using SU as a workhorse for 2D drawing work before, as my CAD programme is architecturally bias, whereby, it has 2D multi-lines for many wall types that can be saved & used again, doors & windows of many types & styles that cut & heal walls on insertion, hatches & fills, line types & styles, line types one can design & save, a vast symbol libray that can also save a created or imported symbol & so on.

Therefore, do you rely on SU extensions in this regard, as I can see some icons on your UI that I’ve not seen before, can you elaborate further please.

wow! no, I haven’t. thank you!

I think there may be some 2D free CAD software out there that may be equally easy to learn

I used to use Draftsight when it was free. But now it’s not. I haven’t checked other software actually. Will check. I use Mac and very often this is a limitation. Thank you!

Try making the colour fill to the different floor sections slightly transparent ; only needs to be 1%, ie 99% opaque. All other components should now be visible through the base layer.

You have to group everything in your floor plan this not like superimpose or autodesk sketchbook there’s no layering

Also, In order for you to see G2 you have create it on top of the g1 group, another I see the line of the exterior walls but no walls of that exterior was grouped.