2024 is a love hate relationship

What the heck is wrong with Layout is SketchUP Pro 2024.
If I use ambient occlusion (which I think is great)
It changes my scenes in Layout- I get a green background often, and anytime I want to scroll in or out there’s a delay???
Not to mention way more BUGSPLATS in SketchUp 2024
Is it me? What am I missing?

What operating system? What graphics card? Your profile isn’t clear.

Okay well I was hoping you wouldn’t ask me that. :slight_smile:
None. It’s integrated into the CPU.
I will be getting a new laptop by mid month.
Right now I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5000.
If you are implying that a better laptop will fix this problem then that’s good to know. Thank you Dave!

Integrated graphics processors have never been recommended for use with SketchUp and LayOut. A computer with a discrete graphics card will generally give you better results. So will a faster CPU.

So that implies the operating system is some version of Windows. 2023 as you put in your forum profile does not identify an operating system.

It could help. My guess is there are things that you could do related to your SketchUp models which would improve things, too. Obviously I haven’t seen any of your models so this is just based on what I frequently see from other users. You could share a typical LayOut file, privately if you wish, so We or I can see if there’s improvements you could make that would help. Do you save all of the files on your computer’s internal drive or do you save them to a cloud location?

BTW, please update your forum profile with the correct information.

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