YT Wrench / Frying Pan tutorial plan

I like the YouTube tutorials a lot, but you guys really make it difficult to find the plans you use so we can follow along. Where can I get the wrench and frying pan plans from the video? It would seem obvious that you should make the plans easy to find in the video description or something, I don’t know why you make us be detectives to get them.

They were posted in the forum well in advance of the live stream.

In this particular case these images were posted three weeks before.

It’s a valid point, however, that once the YouTube is posted it would be useful to have a link back to the forum topic where the images were provided. Someone who arrives there by searching YouTube wouldn’t know where to get them.


Again, I think it would make perfect sense to post the link to the images in the video description. How is a casual viewer supposed to know where to find them? The fact that they were posted three weeks prior to the video doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re easy to find or that it’s obvious where they can be found.

I agree that it would help if a link to the forum post announcing the live stream would be helpful. I was just sharing the links to the two forum posts where you can find the images.


Seems like half of my posts here are thanking you for helping me, sincerely, lol