Xref for SketchUp please

Hi, it will be great to have external references in sketchup, just like 3dsmax and autocad does, I know you can import files right now but that file is loaded and saved with the main scene, i have too many props with too many faces and i need to get them out of the main scene to keep a “light” file…


What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile shows conflicting information.

Hi, clearly i messed up, sketchup 2016 pro…

Maybe you could update it.

Try this - Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse. It works great.

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The features kind of exists in SketchUp. Components can be linked to external files but all data will be contained in the master file, so it won’t decrease the file size the way it does in AC. Also the interface for it is very minimalist (Save As and Reload… in the component context menu).

I’ve also made an extension for this. Mine is built around the native feature, meaning it works on existing projects with linked components, and the projects can later be worked on from a computer that doesn’t have the extension.



Hi, I will try this, thanks so much…

Eneroth3 your are a coder and an architect? that’s super cool, i am trying to build an extension kinda like profilebuilder but for aluminium and pvc windows, the idea is to build them using a profile and having a very nice webdialog in html to build them, so you can imagine i have a billion questions for you, i am also an architect, i have been playing with rubymine and the sketchup debug extension, but it is way too much info to sink in…


I’ve got a bachelor degree in architecture and have done an internship but don’t currently work in architecture. If you have specific questions about extension development you can start new threads here on the forum. We are a number of active developers here.

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This extension is genius! Nicely designed and seems to work well with SketchUp Pro 2018!