Strange shadows have appeared on the model preview images in 3D warehouse

Strange shadows have appeared on the model preview images in 3D warehouse.
The each preview image of my models has gradually changed from the original one to the other with strange shadows and vision.
This phenomenon has already appeared to the model preview images of 67 models in my models.
The model preview images have still continued to change one by one.
It would seem that this problem may be due to some rendering pipeline in 2018 or imperfect upper compatibility of SketchUp 2018.
This link is my homepage.

SketchUp Team,
Would you visit my homepage, investigate this phenomenon and fix them?

Have a look at this thread:

McGordon, thanks for your reply.

I have already read the thread of your tip. This problem may be another although both are probably related in any way.

This problem seems to happen, if the Ground setting check box is checked at Edit->Background of the Styles setting.

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I think the preview rendering system has been remade quite recently. There are quite a few posts on the topic of previews going rogue.

eneroth3, thanks for your reply.

If this problem was due to remaking the preview rendering system as you say,
the transparent rendering of them would probably have any flaw.

Yea, there’s definitely something going on there. We’ll take a look.

A Happy New Year!
Barry, SketchUp Team, thanks for your reply.

I’m looking forward to your solving this problem and fixing the model preview images related to it in 3D warehouse.

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