Spiral Staircases are Helixes, Not Spirals


Will you be starting another thread to discuss whether anyone ever called a staircase a stairset?


@mics_54 You’re right, spiral is a more frequently used word than helix.

@Box No, I’m okay with grammatical errors. I’m more concerned that the commonly accepted name for a spiral staircase is geometrically correct.


And there is the root of the problem. Letting things slide is how language gets mutilated and eventually modified, arks anyone.


Good point…

I think you meant ever.


There is a significant difference between a typo and a different word.


That’s true. I think if someone asked me to 3D model glasses with a spiral on each lens & I drew helixes, then they’d ask me to draw a new one with spirals instead. Although, “spiral staircase” is the most commonly accepted name for a helix-shaped staircase. Even though spiral isn’t a useful name for a helix, a helix is still a type of spiral, so it’s okay.





These are double {triple spiral} moonshine sunglasses


I think most people think a spiral is a vortex shape and a helix is spring shape…

Google Image Results for:
“Spiral Shape”

“Helix (geometry)”


we name them escalier hélicoïdal / escaliers hélicoïdaux (or escalier en colimaçon) in french, so we don’t have the problem :stuck_out_tongue:

someone talked about DNA. They made a double helix staircase in chambord (16th century). Masterpiece !


deja vu
or is it husker du


Does anyone know who named the spiral staircase the “spiral staircase” and why?

This spiral-shaped staircase is a helical staircase because it has no central newel pole. Right?


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