SketchUp keeps crashing

Hi, I have SketchUp 2015 make installed on my Dell laptop (model Dell N3543i71TBK). For a reason I can’t figure out SketchUp keeps crashing every once in a while (sometimes every 5 minutes, sometimes longer periods).

Can you please let me know what could be the reason for this and how I can fix it?


One common thing could be graphic card driver. Is your graphic card driver up to date?

However - that’s just a wild guess. I assume you got the BugSplat dialog? Did you enter any information and submit the crash report?

This may be similar to an issue that has plagued other Dell laptops, particularly those having an Intel 5500 display adapter. See the thread at the following link for several possible remedies: SketchUp 2015 (64-bit) and Intel HD Graphics 5500

I had have a same problem, i am also using dell Inspiron i7 5th generation, Nvidia Geforce 2 GB graphics card, windows 8.1 operating system when i started using the sketchup it will close with out any notification every 5mins.

Then i just installed the drivers from dell website and updated my BIOS to latest version then its working fine.
I didnt even have single crash after that.