"Shift" locks rotate axis now gone.... oh no

So when wanting to rotate objects in V8 which are round etc the where the rotate tool would flick between axes I used to go away from object to get my rotate aspect so for example it turns green then hold shift which now locks this and then go back to my object and rotate as I need…this does not work any more in 2016… I use it all the time…boo any ideas?


Shift still works like always to lock the rotation axis in SU2016. In addition, you can use the cursor keys to lock the direction. Up for Blue, left for green and right for red. I tend to use the Shift key because I’m more used to that and it works for off-axis rotations as well.

There were significant improvements to the Inference Engine in SU 2016
See this video…

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Not for me, if I move away from the object I want to rotate until say my rotate tool turns green press shift and in my project the rotate tool turns pink at the same time it is boxing an outline of another object in my project so now can’t lock and use green rotate?..

Are you holding the Shift key to maintain the lock?

It turns magenta when the lock orientation matches the face to show you what that orientation is. It’s still locked correctly. If you just move the cursor up in the model space until you get the the green protractor and lock it with Shift, it’ll stay green because it isn’t inferencing off a face.

Also learn to use the cursor keys. You don’t need to hold them to maintain the lock.

There has been a recent acknowledgement that there is a reproducible sticking shift bug.
You can read more about it here

The recent bug was in regards to inferences being locked after panning/zooming.

sjdesign - As the video above shows, we did change the behavior of shift a bit for SU2016. However we tried to keep as much of the old functionality as possible. For example it should be possible to use shift to lock the protractor (for the rotate tool) using just the axis planes. Can you post a video to illustrate your problem?