Selecting Groups by Name

Reminding you that we answered this 6 days ago in your other thread … Traversing through Entities in a Group - #2 by DanRathbun
… in which you seemed to have understood.

In that post I also gave a link to an older thread that gives a whole method that will filter by definition first …
Selecting Specific Entity, Group or Component (By Name) - #12 by DanRathbun

In addition we seem to constantly be fighting (a losing battle over) the use of #typename when #grep is faster and more appropriate … (ie String comparison in Ruby is slow! Class comparison is FAST!)

It seems we have repeat this at least once a month. The above post was only 2 days ago.

The main point here is that these things are quite EASY to find using the forum search if you enter into the category you wish to search first.

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