Scale issue with dynamic attributes

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I am encountering some strange behaviour. When I resize a component instance, the LenX is scaled correctly, however, the underlying lenx attribute of the ComponentInstanc is not updated. Only when I type the required length in the options window, the attribute gets updated.

Can someone explain this behaviour and give me a proper way how I should use this to have no mismatch with the actual length visible and the one I read with Ruby in the dynamic_attributes dictionary?

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You might understand a bit better reading this thread:

Hi Dan,

Thank you for your reply.
Does this imply that it is not possible to use the scale tool as wel as attributes to change the dimensions of a dynamic component?

e.g. I create a custom attribute ‘Length’ and let ‘LenX’ =Length, it is not possible anymore to scale the x-axis.
or do I misunderstand the thread you referred to?

can you upload the DC that has the scaling issue?

I have created 2 mimimal examples.
BlockA is just a simple component with only LenX editable. -> scaling works, but lenx is is not updated
Block B is the same as BlockA, but the LenX is defined as a custom attribute Length. -> lenx is updated, but scaling is not possible anymore.

What should I do to let scaling work and make it possible to edit the length attribute in an options window or via the ruby api?

BlockA.skp (11.5 KB)
BlockB.skp (12.0 KB)

you can use an option that toggles between a set length or the current. the file contains both blocks, amended B, so to have the option. blocks.skp (35.4 KB)

I use this for my beams on my warehouse page


But it is possible to hide scale tool handles. Perhaps you accidentally did this ?

See this User Guide article in the Dynamic Components chapter:

FYI, there is a pinned wiki resources list in this category …

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