Rotate from a pivot point?

Does anyone know of a way to pin the corner of something you’d like to rotate with the move tool so that it acts as a pivot point. I’m trying to properly line up table legs with guidelines I’m using and I’m not finding the best way to do it and keep the then all a precise and centered angle. I’d like to pin the center point of the leg and have it pivot from there while moving the other end on the center line. Any pointers?

You can’t pin a corner when using the Move tool as you are trying to do. Use the Rotate tool instead. Share your .skp file so we can see what you are working with and show you how to do what you want.

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See where you get with this workflow (for a table leg):

  • copy the leg object to clipboard.
  • flip the remaining leg object along red
  • now flip the flipped object along green
  • ‘Paste in Place’ the clipboard object
  • move the last (from clipboard-) object corner to corner with the flipped (red plus green) object
  • group both leg objects together

This group should have a (formerly) corner pivot point

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If you really must use the move tool, a second group centered on the pivot point will allow you to use the move tool to rotate both groups around that point.


Very clever simple solution!

DaveR Thank you. Exactly what I needed. Should have looked closer at my tools list.

You’re welcome.

It would be interesting to see your model. I expect there’s a better way to do what you want.

Thanks for the pointer. A good technique I’ve played around with, but in the is case I was not in line with the Axis so it was becoming problematic. Rotate tool was the clutch move. I appreciate all the tips.


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