Reference to deleted Group

Can you show me what it says? It doesn’t include any reviewer details? (Maybe your email client collapses part of the message by default?)

Never knew that existed! Alright, I’ve zipped up the extensions again and this time installed the Encrypted files via Extension installer in Sketchup. Both extensions work, so I assume the Sketchup.require is applied appropriately now.
Resubmitted both. Can you please keep an eye on their status, seeing as I’m not receiving the email notifications.

We’re working on improving the Developer portal to make this more obvious. As well as the technical requirements.

Will do! (I’ve started a thread internally to look into the emails - see if there is something on our end or not.)

I’ve also had problems with this. For years actually. Sometimes I get an email saying why the plugin didn’t pass, sometimes I don’t. When I haven’t gotten any feedback within a few days I usually resubmit the plugin. On one occasion I even got an email saying the issue with the plugin still wasn’t solved, as if I had already been notified of it (I hadn’t been). Sometimes the plugin passes the second time I submit. I’ve never gotten any mail from the EW in my spambox so I think this is an error with the emails sometimes not being sent in the first place.

They are live! :smiley:

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