Problem with exporting PDF from Layout

I Would like to export a file from Layout in PDF, but it does not keep the colors or the textures
Need help thanks

Can you post a LayOut file that displays this problem?

Here is the Layout file
Plan de coupe Archiconic 24mm.layout (78.6 KB)

This is the result when I export a PDF from your file.

Plan de coupe Archiconic 24mm.pdf (47.3 KB)

I wonder if this is a color profile issue on Mac. @adam might have some insight. Can you share the PDF file you exported?

Just did some tests (on a mac) :

  • export and print as pdf initially both come out white. it is, however, fine in jpg / png
  • if I turn off the pattern fill, suddenly, I get colours. so Pattern fill is the issue.
  • Tried with various “white line” and “translucent line” fills, same problem. Only the “black line” works properly and export as a pdf fine.

So, the trouble lies with the white / translucent lines fills on a mac ?

Can you share the PDF you made with the pattern fill turned on?

“original” is straight from the layout file.
“black line” is the variation. instead of having the “white line” fill, I gave a “black line” fill to one of the rectangle.

I just opened the “black line” file in illustrator, and yeah, there is a big white rectangle on top of a big green rectangle. it seems the white or translucent fills don’t export as pixel (with transparent backgrounds) fills but as white vector shapes.

original.pdf (112,7 Ko)
black lines.pdf (113,1 Ko)

Interesting. Was this using File>Export or Print to PDF?


funny enough, when importing the pdf into illustrator, the miniature shows the colours on most rectangles, then gives the result I posted above.
illustrator and some z-fighting in the preview

That leads me back to the color profile issue on Mac. We’ve seen that before.

because I’m bored and enjoy a puzzle I tried something else.

In photoshop, I created a new fill : first as white lines over transparent bg, then I added a bright green bg, both exported as png. My theory was that layout might read white on alpha as full white, but not white on colour.

turns out I’m… wrong. It printed fine in both cases.
So it’s really the official fills that don’t seem to obey. I tried various other “native” fills, parking lot in black or in white, dots, and it’s the same, white or translucent is bugged on mac, anything else is ok.

now this is puzzling.layout (244,5 Ko)

They work fine for me on the PC.

What’s not rendering right in white? Vectored lines or vectored hatches, or is it in the raster image parts?

raster fill.
(there are no vector hatches in layout right ?… right ?)

So, all the vector things are ok, but raster pattern fills bug out if they are white or translucent.

To ask an idiotic question, is it a RGB vs. CMYK issue?

at this point, no lead is idiotic :slight_smile:
I checked, they are all greyscale, bugged ones and not bugged ones.

Also, I’m now finding some fills that still export ok, despite being translucent. Here an example, 4 zones, 4 fills, 2 of them export ok, 2 don’t.
(off course, I also checked on a brand new file, it’s still not exporting. not file related.)

Thank you for your answers
I will change textures that will be enough for me

Wedll Dave already exported it cleanly :wink:

Turns out you’ve open a door noone noticed was there, and found a bug with some textures on a mac.
Thank you for your question :slight_smile:

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