Plugin for u-turned staircases

It occurs to me you’re making things far more complicated than necessary.
Generally, stair codes aren’t particularly lengthy or difficult to understand.

The track to follow is to design the stair within the parameters set forth by the current building codes that apply to the location where the stair will be built. I mention current, because codes have been known to change over time.

Here’s the stair chapter of our State of Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code

SPS 321.04 Stairways and elevated areas.

I built this one from scratch some 30 years ago.
As @Anssi said, winders are not ideal.
The original 1930’s stairway had a landing.
But the owner of the home under renovation wanted the space.
Our building dept. approved my plan under the heading ‘existing conditions’ and there it is.


The curve is what determines the stair. According to old code, in a small stair it is measured 600 mm from the edge of the stair where the treads are thinnest. Today’s code says nothing about winding stairs.

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