Optimizing SketchUp 2023 Hardware Challenges and Solutions for Smooth Performance

3584 cores vs. 2560 cores. The Quadros had more and faster memory but it doesn’t fully compensate for the lacking processing power.

Some years ago it was worth it to get a professional gpu, cause they had more and faster memory than gaming gpu’s and the drivers were focused on professional work like 3D modeling, cad and rendering, they were more stable than gaming gpu’s, but modern gaming gpu’s have also more and faster memories and Nvidia has also drivers for professional use for gaming gpu’s, they’re called studio drivers, unless you need a gpu with 48gb or more vram, a gaming gpu is a better option, the price is the main reason and the performance sometimes is superior than professional gpu’s.

But also Intel i7-12700 Processor is fine

The i7 12700 is a good cpu, I don’t know how much is it costing right now but if you can afford an i5 13600KF, it has more single and multi core performance than the 12700. I guess the prices are similar.

Just checked on pcpartpicker, the i5 13600KF costs $286 and the i712700K costs $290, it has integrated graphics but you don’t need them if you’re going to get an Nvidia gpu, also windows by some reason prefers efficiency instead of performance and will set the igpu to be the main one, if you don’t have igpu you won’t have to deal with settings to make the dedicated gpu your main gpu.

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