OnClick Event Propagation

You have components A and B. Together they bind to make component C.

How can you propagate a CLICK on C down to components A and B?[

have an attribute “att” in C that changes onclick and A,B references parent!att
can you post example of what you trying to achieve?

You can also click “through” the parent if it does not has an onClick attribute.
Ie, if you have a desk component with several child drawers, each drawer child can have an onClick that slides the drawer in or out when clicked.

Attached is the example. When you click on one pin, both pins should pull out. Click again and both pins should close.
Example.skp (455.3 KB)

In your example, When I click on one drawer all open - click again and all close. Yet each drawer is a independent component wrapped up by a third.

I did not post an example.

Well, then your onClick formulae are not correct.

all on-click events must be on the same level, that is all parents and within the file or same nested level and contained within the DC
The top is always going to precede any lower events

In this case assumed example is not the DC but a file, it is assumed pins are the hinge, so must be in for the door to rotate, unless you meant them to be the lock, then hinge should be the other side.

Example (6).skp (389.0 KB)

Thank you very much. This is exactly what I wanted to accomplish.
My problem here is that I don’t fully understand the SYNTAX of Dynamic Components.

Do you have any suggestions where I might find some documentation to this affect?

Thanks again.

There is some in the help files with examples
otherwise best to post your questions with model here

There is a topic in this category I created to collect information …


Thank you again