Moving - line yes component no

Hi there all,
I have to substitute a lot of normal line with a component in a geodesic dome project.

So I make a component with a same length like the lines
First I move the end point of the component to the first point
of the line.

The problem is that if when I move the second end point to the other point of line,
it move all component. And using the rotate instrument is really difficult to put it in place on geodesic.
On the component I can’t find the green point that usually find on normal line in order to move
only a end point.

In the geodesic dome is 3 type of lines length…
What I want is to transform all that lines in 3 components.

Thanks in advance

Refer to

set up your component with the z-axis as the length, and use the snippet…


Thanks a lot but I don’t know how to use it
I fount a plugin s4u-components (a trial) that help me to position the components on line

Thanks again

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