How to go back to the french community?

I created an account on the french speaking page of the community, and I was astonished to land here, without any notification, in the english speaking community! How can I go back to the french community?
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This community? > Français

Thank you very much for the quick response. Your link leads me to an other forum! I started at this page, where all messages were in french:

I still don’t understand how I can get to the english community by registering in the french one!
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In the official SketchUp forum, this one where you wrote the message now, where did you find a link to a section in French?

I gave you the link to the French section of the Sketchucation, where I knew there was a community for French speakers.
There are different sites.

The example you gave is just a thread from this forum -, written by someone in French and only answered in the same language, but it is not a special section in the forum for French.

Here is another discussion in which someone asked about the section in French:

Click on the link and see the answers!

I have registered in the community Sketchucation to which leads Your link and I am again on an english page and don’t find the french community!
In the User Control Panel, under Language, only British english is available.

To access these forums when logged in, please, sign up to the respective User Group in your User Control Panel.

Click on your username (top-right side) > User Control Panel > Usergroups and activate your language:

Ok, I finally got it!
Thank You very much for Your kind and patient assistance.
Alas that forum section, as well as the German one, are not very busy: in both there are 0 messages!

You’re welcome!

There are dozens of discussions in the forum, it is probably necessary for your submission to be activated by an administrator and only then you have access to them.
You can see them if you are not logged in.

the most active if not only German community is in the meanwhile located at