How do I find the centre of a sphere in Sketchup free?

You are a member of this forum since 2015! If you don’t know this you really need to learn the basics of SketchUp.
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I effectively have done this, but I have minimised walling myself out.

Yeah, but I went away for a few years. I started learning about components yesterday.

Yes, I just learned that components allow you to edit all duplicates simultaneously. And the scaling method is the essential work around for clipping. I have been scaling up by 10 and back down to 0.1 for small objects.

The Dave method removes the need for scaling back down (and repeated scaling back up and down again if additional edits are required), which I suspect you would prefer to avoid based on you other comments about cumulative numeric precision errors.

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Oh I see. You are editing a rescaled component elsewhere using the Dave method. The only problem for me is that I want to see all objects in context to one another. Moving to the other side of the map to edit a replica vs rescaling temporarily seem like the same amount of effort (so far). Also, when I scale up and down in situ, my model remains clean. But I can see how the Dave method would work well if you don’t mind having a bunch of spare parts outside a designated work area.

A technique that can reduce the effort when switching from the “natural” portions of the model to the scaled-up “Dave” method component copies is to create a Scene with the camera set in a convenient manner for the natural mode, and create a second scene with the camera set to view the scaled-up component instance. Then simply clicking on one scene tab or the other jumps you to the desired context.

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That’s a good idea!

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