HELP with Choosing an Operating System

Just to chime in as a lifelong Mac user, if the underlying code of the software is solid and PC/Mac versions are updated fairly concurrently, I’ve never used a Mac that couldn’t keep up with a PC if it was upgraded to similar specs in terms of processor and RAM. That said, my main benchmark has been switching between the memory-intensive Photoshop on both OSs.

Macs can be natively booted as PCs last I checked, the HD partitioned, and you can install Windows 10. The only difference is that getting the right upgrades can often cost way more! :joy:

I do like the current native feel of moving between my Mac and the iPad version.

Just my 2 cents. I’m not an expert by any means.

As of the new Apple Silicon M series processors, this (bootcamp) is no longer possible.

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Instead of Bootcamp, Parallels is a much better way to run Windows on a Mac…it allows both to be used simultaneously without having to shut down one or the other.

Also, I agree that an M3 chip on a Mac will seamlessly handle just about all graphics programs (if you have enough RAM) so any bottlenecking will be more about file complexity than OS.

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I have a similar system with a 380MB file that produced this:

OK, that is a render but you get the idea.

Anyway, the #1 fix for handling such large files in my experience is to have a lot of layers (now called tags) and turn off as many as possible when working on the model.
The #2 fix, which can actually be better if you are zoomed out as in the picture above, is to gradually zoom into only the area you want to work on so that so many details don’t have to be redrawn over and over for every little rotate or move command.
When I did this building, every floor was on a separate layer, and there were layers for each major collection of components within each floor as well - e.g. the elevator shafts were a layer per floor as were most of the walls (the building tapers so there were always some unique walls on every floor’s edges).

Upgrading to an Apple M2 Ultra Mac Studio made no difference at all, and might even be slower than my original iMac with Nvidea GPU and Intel CPU, but it’s hard to tell because the OS has advanced as well, and are more piggish in terms of resource use too.

I have another question, so I bought the Windows gaming computer. Very excited. But one question I have. Do you know if I can keep using my track pad with windows? Or do I need to learn how to use a mouse? Been using my trackpad for so many years and trying to figure out if I’m gonna to have to learn my hand gestures from scratch

Sorry, I kept meaning to reply.

I’m guessing you have figured it out and unfortunately my answer is “I’m not sure”. The trackpads I’m familiar with on Windows machines have never been good for CAD work, so I’ve always used a mouse.