Error when install Nokogiri on SKP 2021

I want to try my plugins on the new version SKetchUp. I installe SKetchUp pro 2021 and i install my plugins. When the moment to install NOKOGIRI (litle plugin for create and play with xml file) the systemreturn me a Error (like the picture here )

If someone know why it can be a great help, :smiley:
really thanks

bonjour / hello,
you might want to check this. Apparently there’s a way to load the plugin

Nokogiri vs SU2018

You cannot compile gems inside SketchUp because it does not come with build tools.

Thank you. I didnt see the fact than Nokogiri is now a nativ gem.

And for use it I think I cant call Nokogiri like this now ? Is there a new way to do it ? Thats a really good news if now it’s in native extension thanks :slight_smile:

Build tools aren’t the issue. Extension gems cannot be compiled in SU because a ruby executable file (ruby.exe on Windows) doesn’t exist. Also, a few needed files are not included.

With gems, compiling is done via a spawned ruby process.