Dell precision 7560BTX or Mac Pro 16 inches

Hi Steve,

This is great. Thank you so much for your inputs. I will have a look at XPS now.


Hi Myles,

Thank you so much for putting all these inputs. I am actually borrowed a MacBook Pro 13inches from a friend for the past few weeks. Have to say it’s really fast with everything. I almost bought a Dell and then found their company service haven’t noticed been great. Yes SketchUp and any other program are doing prefect, I think I am a big of fan with MacBook Pro 13inches. I just love how speed it is between different windows.

I am Yet to decide if I should go for a 16inches. Will see how long I can keep my 13 inches.

You need the biggest screen you can get. It’s really best with two screens. One for all the tools and another to actually draw something.

Ah thank you. I will definitely getting one. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

At my desk, my machine is always connected to an external monitor while also using the internal display as well - Draw in the big monitor and put palettes on the internal one. When you travel, though, and have just the internal monitor, you’re going to want as much screen resolution as possible. I do like the size of the 13" machine, though. The 13" ones don’t have the dedicated graphics card that the larger machines have, so I’ve always wondered how they fared running SketchUp.

Most new workstation laptops, at least since 2019 now come with RTX4000/5000/6000 or RTX3080 so much more powerful than the gaming equivalents.

However price is an issue they are between 5-20k EUR!

Sorry for the late reply. I was on a business trip last week. SketchUp is running very fast on this 13inches machine. It is surprisingly smooth, the only issue is that I don’t see everything on this machine coz the screen is so small. So I am going to buy a 4K or fullHD monitor. Any recommendations?

I have a 27" ViewSonic VP2771, but it’s not a current model now. Nice size and resolution (2560 x 1440) for every day work in SketchUp. I also use a ColorMunki for monitor and printer profiling, but that’s because I’m also a photographer.

Sorry for the late reply again. It just went to my spam folder. I am looking at LG, HP and Samsung now… that’s another ocean there. Do you think 4K is a good option for sketchup? I assume they are hall 3840x 2160. Or it’s not necessary.

It is good for an external monitor. I have a 32" 4K monitor. I run that with 125% scaling. For a laptop monitor, 4K would probably be overkill. Unless you use a magnifying glass, you must run it at about 200% scaling to see anything, and SketchUp supports only 150%.