Create a custom scale

I am using a trial version of Layout and testing the custom scale for a plan. But can’t seem to find the option to customise the scale.

The file is not a Sketchup file but a dwg. It creates a cost scale drawing when importing, however doesn’t allow me to create a custom scale from layout software.

Has anyone else had any luck with creating a custom scale on their architectural drawing using layout?

Update: My layout software doesn’t have a preference section under edit and I am using Layout 2023 version.

or Edit > Preferences > Scales

Are you using windows or Mac?

If you’re using Mac, click on LayOut, and then click on preferences.

I am working on Mac and trialling the new 2023 Layout version. It’s not great.

There is no Preference button anywhere on the tabs, but my colleague who is using windows, downloaded the same software, has it on hers.

I have used Layout and Sketchup before and have been very comfortable with the software. I upgrade every year. But 2023 version is not good at all with lots of issues. I am having more trouble shoot with the overall measurements with millimetres showing in decimals. i.e. 660mm shows 6.6mm :upside_down_face:

I have however managed to find the scale on settings, by clicking the:

Layout icon (top left corner) - setting - scale (customise the scales and units from there).

Hope it helps anyone else having the same issue.

The Preferences panel is accessed in the LayOut menu to the left of the File menu on Mac.

Please correct your Forum profile with the operating system and graphics card. You entered ‘2023’ for both of them and that’s not correct.

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Found it - Thank you @DaveR!

Any idea how to change the page unit on the bottom right corner showing 6.6mm but I need it to show 660mm.

Show a screen shot of what you are referring to.

By the way, before you condemn LayOut, why don’t you take some time to go through the LayOut tutorials at

Being familiar with layout, I didn’t think I needed it. I might have to since the functions have changes.

The 6.6mm length indicates you’ve moved something or drawn a line that is 6.6mm long in paper space dimensions. If you want that to show 660mm, start a scaled drawing and set the scale to the appropriate scale.

Some things have changed. Setting scales hasn’t since the first version of LayOut nor has the location of Preferences in the LayOut menu. The Scaled Drawing features has been around for quite a few versions.

this is funny since layout for mac and PC is way closer than sketchup for mac and PC. beyond the position of the settings panel, and the use of mac os’ text panel, it’s pretty much the same.

Can you provide a photo or a screenshot of what you call the “preference button on the tabs” in the windows version ? Because beyond the settings panel you found (that is located in the… edit menu ? on PC ? no other difference) I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

Ah makes sense.

The drawing is to scale 1:100 and the drawing was grouped too. So it didn’t indicate the right measurements. Edited the group drawing and now show the dimensions correctly.

Thanks again @DaveR

Here’s a free layout course made by sketchup team members and official trainers.