Can't insert empty component

I’m new to this and confused. I downloaded 12 different .skp off 3d warehouse. I try to import them. They all say can’t insert empty component. They all have sizes that match what it say on website. what i doing wrong please?

Can you share the links to these components so we can check them out? Otherwise we’re just guessing.

If the downloaded component is saved in a newer SketchUp version that you have [i.e. v2014 versus v2015/v2016] then it is regarded as ‘empty’.

You need to download a compatible version…

SKP authors can choose to make their files backwardsly compatible - but if they do not, then your beef is with the author, NOT with SketchUp itself…


Talk about missed opportunities not to be lame.

  1. file formats should be backward compatible. Even micros**t do that.
  2. support xp. This program don’t do nothing clever. Daz3d whip it’s ass and run on xp.
  3. if file formats are different don’t pretend they’re the same! Give them different extensions!
  4. getting cross now< add compatibility info to the website so users make informed decision.

This is frankly amateurish and pathetic. Lame lame lame.

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I am so angry I waste my time with this. Call me troll I don’t care

SketchUp Hardware and software requirements: Compatibility Changes

SketchUp 2015
Additionally you must have Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or greater.

Windows XP can only run up to Internet Explorer v 8.

SketchUp Hardware and software requirements: Windows

  • 3D class Video Card with 1 GB of memory or higher. Please ensure that the video card driver supports OpenGL version 2.0 or higher and up to date.

Intel 945GM is an older chipset w/ integrated graphics, which supports only up to OpenGL v 1.4.

see: Supported APIs and Features for Intel® Graphics Drivers
expand section “Older Graphics Products

FYI: Intel 945Gm Support Page

You should have a look at this topic too…

Why not Windows 3.1? XP is equally nowadays a museum piece of software with increasing security flaws as Microsoft and everyone else has ceased their support.


Why not 3.1 good point. If software gets the job use it. Su doesn’t appear to do the job.

Thanks Cotty. I can forgive the XP support but to follow it up with such a chain of other fails is sad. Anyway we are where we are.
So I ask all you clever people:
What is the suggested workflow for someone on xp to use 3d warehouse when there is apparently no way to tell whether a model will work on their software.

Very generous, thank you.

Look for the oldest filetype…

Brilliant thankyou! I was downloading off the front page so I hadn’t seen the filetype options. Hopefully I will do better now.

Great! I downloaded some models and 100% worked. That search page link is a bit of a gotcha IMO. Many thabnks to all those who provided constructive advice.

hello can someone help me? I can’t find how to donwload that file for sketchup 8

Download a Collada (.dae) file and import that into SketchUp.

Good news, SketchUp 2021 and higher uses a backward compatible SKP file format. See:

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