An open letter to Trimble


In this age of information one really needs to investigate everything one reads online, like I said it just appears suspicious.

Open letter

And they are?.. I’m inclined to see it from @solo’s perspective. Very suspicious and you’re a lone (almost sycophantic) voice in support of Trimble’s extremely poor efforts over recent years.


There you go Pete there are reason mate, simple reasons…


Nah, Devine’s letter is definitely not Trimble marketing copy. Look at that second paragraph. Let’s cut him/her some slack.

I often have to remind myself that not everyone looks at SketchUp the same way that I do. For example I’m not a fan of software subscriptions or online applications, but there are people who do want this and will gladly adopt it. And honestly SketchUp is still a really cool piece of software - if we all discovered it today for the first time, it’s likely we’d all be super positive about it.


Maybe others enjoy the program and its possibilities instead of taking part in these kind of discussions every new version again and again…


You’re obviously easily pleased. Congrats.


Yes. Thank you!