Adding colour without massively increasing file size

Hi folks

I’m creating a garden with multiple plants. Trying to keep the file sizes all below 500 polygons and 500 kb for ease of use.

However, I want to change the colours of the plants to one of 5 basic set colours (Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet), rather than the textured or green colour they currently have.

When I do this however, a file jumps from say 277kb to 600kb.

Is there a way to change the colours without massively increasing the file size? I had assumed there would be no increase, but clearly I was wrong.

Here is an example plant:

and here is the coloured plant:

Jumps from 195kb to 455kb

Secondly there are certain plants that just won’t change to the correct colour. Am trying to change this plant to orange, but it keeps going blue:

Thanks in advance

Window > Model Info > Statistics > Purge unused

I suspect changing the color forces thumbnails to be drawn for components that didn’t previous have thumbnails. I don’t know the logic behind thumbnail creation and whether it has changed at some point, but since one color always takes up as much space as another one it’s the only cause I can think of.

Sorry, still fairly new to Sketchup. Yes, brilliant mihai. I purged it and it dropped back down.

But am still struggling with colouring certain plants. For example the Zingiber plant above. The curved leaves have been drawn on rectangular faces. So when you apply the paint tool, it colours the whole rectangle, and not just the leaf.

But it is transparent around the leaf. Is there no way to colour just the green parts?


Those leaves are made by using a png image that has transparency. You can’t do that with a simple color. You might reduce the size of the image file used for the texture by editing it and making the colored part one color. I doubt it would make a significant change, though.

Easier version but not recommended


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Absolute legend. Thanks!

I couldn’t quite get the colour I wanted using the slider colour bars, but it is close enough for now. if i really want it looking good, i do need to edit the original PNG files in Photoshop or Gimp.

This one however I’m struggling with. Doesn’t seem to follow the above principles:

Any ideas?


The same principle, change the texture color (internal, or in external editor), just pick the texture with eyedropper.

Learn about Image and Texture.