2019 now Export(s) DWG w/True Arcs/Curves?

From 2019 release notes…DWG Export:

  • We improved the precision of Arcs and Circles so that they would be more accurate and created for most conditions.

Can anyone expand on this?
Will 2d export preserve true arcs now? (no longer segmented)

I ask because I won’t be able to try w/2019 myself for at least another day or so.


You would still have to export as 3D model and place the object in the right plane (Red-Green)

Thanks Mike, so I guess same as before then.
Pity…was hoping for some improvement in the translation/preservation of arcs/circles. (2D export/etc.)


Hi Charlie_v, Mike is correct. The precision improvement for Arcs and Circles pertains to 3D geometry being exported when the geometry is ‘angled’ off of true 90 degrees. So if you had a plate with holes in it and it was angle 32 degrees we were exporting the “holes” as segmented lines. Now we will treat these as true Arcs and Circles.

I know it would not work in all cases but you could try using the 3D dwg exporter then “hide”, “flatten” then “overkill” the geometry in Acad. That way you preserve layers, arcs, circles…etc… as our 2D exporter does not give you the same control in this area either.


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trent, mike
So it does sound like there has been improvements to SU 2019 DWG export specific to arcs & circles…I’ll check it out once I install.

Thanks to you both,


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