Zooming Question

Is there a way to adjust the panning increments? When I zoom in I can not control how far the pan increment jumps… most of the time I go in to far, I try to backup and it like zooming the extents, way to far out… I need to get closer to my drawing area but can’t…


Panning is moving the camera from side to side; zooming is increasing or decreasing the magnification of an object on screen. It sounds like your problem is with zooming, not panning.

To zoom effectively, there must be an object under the mouse pointer, which becomes the center of the zoom and whose proximity to the camera scales the zoom action. When you try zooming while the mouse pointer is over open space, there is nothing to zoom in on and zooming proceeds very slowly. If you suddenly place the pointer over an object while zooming, the zoom may indeed jump.


Gully, thanks for the reply,

I stand corrected on zooming vs. panning…

I understand and know about having an object under the pointer when zooming, but lately it seems there is more severe jumping than I’m use to from before… that is not that big a problem as not being able to zoom in as close as I should be able to. I have attached a .jpg file, you will notice that as I zoom in the building starts to “section” (red right arrow), the closer I get the more the “section” takes over and the detail disappears… I use to be able to zoom in to where the red circle is and work on the detail… now this capture is as close as I can get before it disappears.


Unfortunately, you are seeing an issue known as “clipping”. There are a dozen or more threads on that on this forum. Check them out. There is likely an adjustment you can make to your model to prevent it. If you want to share your SKP file, we could take a look and give you specific feedback.