Zoom Window or Improved Zooming

I can’t believe no one has requested this yet.

The zoom function becomes terribly unusable in Layout when you have a big model file in vector mode. Trying to zoom into a small part of your drawing with the mouse wheel becomes very erratic even on high-end computers as they struggle to redraw the screen.

A zoom window function where you can define the area that you want to zoom into would be helpful or decent improvement to vector display performance would also work.


Hmmmm… I haven’t seen any problem with that. Are you zooming with the mouse wheel?

A Zoom Window option could be handy, though.

Yes, with the mouse wheel. It is virtually impossible with my trackpad…

A zoom window tool to focus on a small part of a page would be a lot more effective.

Nothing wrong with the way Sketchup itself zooms; just Layout.

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