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I have a floor plan model with numerous components. When I try to edit one of the components the dotted line around the component is much larger than the model and when I try to “zoom extents” the model does not fill the page, same when I try to print it. It seems that there must be something in this component that is way outside of my model, but I can not find it and I have tried deleting everything that is not in the actual model. It is something that I apparently have done recently, because this is a new problem. Anyone know how to clear this?

If you can share the file here, we can take a look. It sounds a lot like there is something either quite small or hidden located a long way away from the main model. If it is nested inside a group or component, it can be hard to find.

Turn on Hidden Geometry and Hidden Objects in the View menu. Select the part of the model you know you need to keep, in the Edit menu, click Invert Selection. Does Entity Info show there’s anything selected? If so, press Delete and try Zoom Extents again.

When you select the floor plan are there any huge blue bounding boxes? Maybe there’s a component or group with some extra hidden stuff. Editing that object would allow you to eliminate the extra geometry.


Thanks for the quick reply. Hope this works.

A link to the file on Google Drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/17Za3WXsC0NGQslMt28c05_IYIX-w03nz/view?usp=drive_linkis

this partially completed model is a work in progress.

It’s the component or the interior walls that’s the issue. Right now this is just lines on the floor at the top Left of the model.

I suspected that is something like you have said about something small or hidden, but

I haven’t been able to find and/or delete it.

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If it happens just on a component, it’s possible that the origin of the component and the geometry are far away from each other.

You need to enable sharing on the Google Drive. Google recently changed the process to do that, so if you did what you are used to, it may not have worked.

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That appears to be the case, as I can see that when I edit this component, but how do I get the component to be near the origin and still be placed correctly in the model that has the correct origin

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There’s an axes tool, it should be on the tools bar, you can also go to help menu/ search and type axis.

After selecting the tool, the cursor should change, there you must click wherever you want to place the origin.

The problem turned out to be simple: the axis origin of the component was placed a long way from the contents. Select the component, right-click, and choose “Change axes”. Then click somewhere on the walls to place the origin (I used the corner of the bounding box), then move the mouse in the direction you want the red axis (probably parallel to the model red axis) and click again, finally move in the direction for the green axis (probably parallel to the model green axis) and click once more to finish.

Edit: I also notice that the model is located at a distance from the model coordinate origin (not so huge as to cause issues, but seemingly unnecessary). Is there a reason for this?

More important, you were hoarding quite a few unused components and materials. I purged the model and that greatly reduced its size. Here’s the result:

Jan 29 single level plan - U kitchen.skp (558.1 KB)

Edit 2: there are quite a few reversed faces in the model (revealed by grey-blue color). You should reorient them so that their front sides are facing outward by right-clicking and selecting “reverse faces”. They are easier to see if you choose monochrome mode in the style, as materials on faces can mask their orientation.

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Thank you very much for your time. That seemed to have solved my problem.

I have no idea how I did that in the first place.

This model has been massaged, added to, deleted from, reworked, etc. over several years, so

I am not surprised that it has a lot of extraneous “stuff” in it. Once I settle on a final

plan I will try to clean it up.

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