Zoom Extents cuts off bottom of models in SketcUp Free

Whenever I close-in using Zoom Extents, a small portion of the bottom of any model is missing from view (even if I use Full Screen or hide the Taskbar in Windows 10). For me, I really need the complete model to be displayed at that zoom level.

I see the cropping at the bottom in the browser window, too.

How are you using the model after Zoom Extents? In an image export, the model is not cropped.

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Looks like you found a bug.

Looks like zoom extents is zooming to the browser window size, and not accounting for the task bar across the bottom?

Yep, Nor the top, if the top toolbar extended across it would also impact the image.

In my case, DaveR, you have solved the problem. I’d assumed (without checking) that it would export only as what was visible on screen. I’ve been screen-capturing in Make 2017 where Zoom Extents works perfectly. (Does that mean the problem no longer counts as a bug?) Anyway, my thanks… you’ve helped me immensely.

Glad that helped. I’m not sure that it means it isn’t a bug. I guess I would normally expect the visible model space to be the extent of the view however as you can se and as was mentioned, the bar at the top would also cut off some of the model if it extended all the way across the screen.

It might be that there will be a change in this one day but at the very least, it’s probably not more than a minor annoyance since the image exports included the regions behind those bars.

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