Zipping through my model too fast, dotted lines, snap to angles angles

Hello. Hope all are safe and healthy. Wow this is 3D time full steam ahead on the PC.

I am working on my concept and designing sort of central nozzle (I am not a water engineer) for a fountain. Yea why do I make it so complicate? Well I just don’t like everyday ordinary looks haha.

but I need x amounts of circles that can “follow me” to the next platform to simulate a jumping or permanent water jet (that could be illuminated
First time I did it It thought I could just add the circles but it became a mess after making one follow to make the next was painstaking and I knew I need to get some consistency into my madness, due to the different direction the water would take. All that will be hidden later on by gig flowers like lotus, tulip, orquid that have cup like petals. (that I still have to make yepeee ) Or anyone know a good place to get them in 3D made already for inspiration?

My model is quite small. Each time I want to zoom in i am like gliding through and it becomes like partially invisible. I haven’t made the model to size yet as I am afraid the file will get huge to work with.
Is the size of the model the problem or something else. I do have new 32GB ram PC and a average good 3D graphic card.
I have to pose one nozzles into all the centres of all these ring/platforms that will become flowers later on.
Is there a way to snap them to the right angle?
In the moment I put two squares on top to have a flat surface to pose my angle tool on and then delete it.
Also…I know it might sound dumb. But I still have problems with circles and volumes ending up with dotted lines along the plane. Which I can’t have because if I use “follow me” the water jet will have all these lines “follow”
If I dare ask one more question to anyone familiar with water jets. I have seen a few online in the 3D warehouse that look nice but are more like a “spritz” not tight to transport light. I know and have found suppliers online that make these high density nozzles nozzle-laminar-jet_small-fig11 that turn the water jet like into a string of water and light.
BUT how to curtail the length of a jumping jet when the end of one is up in the air? So I have the follow me curved tube and then what. HOW do I cut part of it without deleting all of it as they don’t have segments across but only along.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for any help and stay healthy!