YouTube stopped eMail-notifying subscribers

For many years I have been notified (email) when SketchUp published videos on their YouTube channel. This was a perfect way to quickly update myself on the use of SketchUp, LayOut and more.
Now it suddenly stopped, so I have to manually look for new content here, which takes me additional time every day.
YouTube gave this reason:
“According to internal data, less than 0.1% of these emails are ever opened”

So, Trimble/SketchUp team, is there anything I can do to still get notified via eMail. If not - maybe you can create such a function somewhere ? I think I am far from the only one who would appreciate that.

Since YouTube still notifies subscribers in Android, it is the only work around that is currently available (for how long?) for this and it is not at all that convenient since SketchUp products mostly are used on PC.

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Sorry to hear this. As a content creator and consumer, I have been increasingly frustrated with how YouTube decides it will let people know about new videos. I have had the best luck being notified through the app on my phone and, at this point, given up on using YT through my computer.

As for SketchUp specific content I can say that, right now, we release a video every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:00 AM, MST and (usually) have a live stream every Friday at Noon MST.

Hopefully you are able to catch our videos on this schedule!

I’ve got notifications for new videos three or four days after they were released and after I’d watched them. I usually just check YouTube to see what is new in the feeds I subscribe to and don’t wait for e-mails.

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