You reached or exceeded license number



I got the email two weeks ago. After investigations, I don’t exceed but some months ago – I don’t remember the exact date – I replaced the Ethernet card which was no longer able to connect the internet – SketchUp no longer worked and I was unable to delete license. Then I reinstalled license with no issue.

Two weeks ago, I got my new pc then installed SketchUp and received the “you reached or exceed license number… don’t panic!”. I didn’t! and have just removed the old pc SketchUp license.

Now I would like SketchUp team to delete that unreachable license – before Ethernet card break – but I cannot contact SketchUp Team although followed e-mail info.

Please, tell me how to?

Of course, I can send to you pcs UUID, IDs and any data you need.



• SketchUp Help Center : Contact Us



Thanks SketchU3D_de and whole SketchUp Team which quickly solved the issue. Nice!

Have a good week,