You might make update sys reqs more apparent

Here I was, running SketchUp 8, I think it was. Up pops a “Do you want to update?” dialog. I’ve updated Sketchup I don’t know how many times over the years, so yes, sure. It proceeds to install Sketchup 2015 and blasts it over my current copy. Except… Sketchup 2015 won’t run on this computer! It’s a Macbook Pro, works fine, thanks, but it’s limited to Mac OS 10.6.8. I’m slated for a new computer next year, but for now, this is it.

Upshot is that, without saying anything about sys reqs, you just screwed me. No more Sketchup. Even nicer would be doing the system check yourselves before you suggest an update that won’t work, but I’d take just adding the sys req text in the dialog.

On your download/all page, there are NO SYS REQs listed, either! Just leaving us all guessing, digging…

FYI, we can’t all be so lucky as to run out and buy the latest hardware every year, nor run the latest OS. There are lots of people in the same boat. Besides, listing sys reqs is just standard practice for most software companies. (And please don’t tell me, Oh, it’s listed on some other page… Thanks.)

Hello @bttab I understand your frustration. We try to make the upgrade process as simple, and straightforward as possible. When updating and upgrading, it is always good to check the hardware and software requirements as listed here.

Also, we are encouraging all SketchUp 8 users to update, if they can, based on some errors and changes as explained in this forum thread here.

I am sorry you have run into issues. You can find some older SketchUp Pro downloads here. It would be great if you can send me some details so I can figure out what SketchUp version will work for you: (these are also listed in your profile and it would be a good idea to fill them out to help speed up support processes in the future.)


Curious how you got from SU8 to SU 15 and didn’t notice the updates of SU 13 and SU 14 and their various maintainance updates.

did you do a custom instal?
SU v8 is a completely separate app and should still be in the old google folder

/Applications/Google\ SketchUp\ 8/

I have versions v5 >> v15 all on my mac, and have never had conflicts between versions…

Use AppCleaner to remove v15 [it’s free], then carry on with v8 or the highest version 10.6.8 will run…


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John – You are correct, thankfully! I figured out that it was in a Google folder and not a Sketchup folder. Big relief, and apologies for having misdiagnosed.

Box – My extensive Sketchup projects came to a grinding halt a couple years ago (long story), and I’ve only used it sparingly since. I’m now picking things up where I left off.

So, problem solved. However, I stand by the suggestion that the update mechanism could avoid this unpleasantness by checking or telling the sys reqs.

Thanks for the support.

FYI, I already requested this and an issue has already been logged (by Tommy) to the ToDo list for the website.

Sounds easy but it may not be. This describes a clairvoyant mechanism. (There have been updater issues is the past, and things are still evolving. I personally always disable the update feature, as soon as a newer major version is released. It does not work so well with more than one version having the update feature on.)

Then SketchUp v8 was originally a Google product that used the Google Updater. I think that later Trimble versions may not be able to use this updater? … But since there are no more maintenance releases for old versions, how could the update features for old version be fixed ? It can be be a vicious circle.