You cannot Add location near coast of Japan

Hello SketchUp users,
I’m working at SketchUp distributor in Japan. Nice to meet you.

Recently one of our customer compained that he cannot geolocate his model.
After some investigation, we found that you cannot geolocate models near coast of Japan.
Here are 3 example places where we could find we cannot geolocate.




We have some questions:

  1. Have you ever experienced similar things (cannot import satelite image in model) in other countries?
  2. The error message “an address could not be found for this area” seems inadequate for this behavior. When is this message supposed to be shown?


This issue is related to our geocoding service. In these areas, the service can’t find address metadata to go along with the grab (country, state/province, city, street, postal code, etc…)

We’re going to see if we can still allow imports even when a suitable address can’t be found.

@pluto.alphacox I was just told that a fix was pushed for this. Would you let us know if it helps?

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Great! The problem is fixed!
Thank you for your prompt correspondence.


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