You Are OffLine

Hi Everyone I am New in SU. I have a problem I am trying to Sign In after I downloaded but SU says that I am Offline Pls Help to Solve this problem

This came up recently for someone else. If you are using 2019.3, make sure that you don’t have any utilities that block If that’s the problem, even opening in a browser will fail.

Thank you !!! Just could you help me how I can Unlock the

Windows doesn’t normally block, you would have added something yourself to do that. Here is the other person with the problem, where they had added a filtering program of some sort:

Exactly…Bing was on a ‘block list’ through a filtering software & as soon as it was removed SketchUp run as expected.

Any thoughts what mukclan could have installed to unknowingly filter Bing?

@mukclan not sure it’ll help, but the software I use for filtering did NOT block by default, they allow for a ‘blacklist’ to be created, which I for some reason years ago had added Bing.