You are about to leave the 3D Warehouse

It’s been a LONG time since I clicked on a “For more information visit: <linked site>” link on a 3D Warehouse (3DW) model detail page. But that’s just what I did a few minutes ago. And was unpleasantly surprised to see:

This type of behavior is a pet peeve of mine. It’s an attempt to keep you from navigating away and is typically found on websites that either:

  • Derives their ad revenue from the amount of time viewers can see the ads. (Note I think this is a horrible reason, but one some websites make) Or
  • Has functions that can seriously break if the user leaves the site under non-ideal circumstances.

The 3D Warehouse isn’t ad supported, so the first doesn’t apply, and I’m aware of nothing that would qualify it under the second.

So why is the 3D Warehouse inflicting this on us?? Is there someone in Trimble who gets paid based on average length of visit to the 3D Warehouse?

This is a link the 3DW presents to us (if the uploader included one) specifically for more information on the model! Do they want us to stay ignorant of the information the model owner wants to present?

Please remove this. Just follow the link.