Yo, folks in the GMT+ time zones

If you aren’t east at least one time zone of Greenwich, UK, please ignore.

I’m thinking this bug needs upping, and you all are going to help me investigate. Run this search by clicking, or go to Advanced Search and select all models created or modified in the past hour:

Please respond here with the # of models you get in return, and your time zone. Me?

24 models

0 models
At a certain trust level the 20 character limit should be removed.

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To do so, just add the following at the end of your less-than-20-char post:

< then Post must be at least 20 characters then > and remove the bold “then”. I had to do that or the post wouldn’t show up.

My suspicion is true. I’ll try to up priority of this bug.

is nyc east or west of greenwich?

(but seeing that i’m getting 17models, i suppose i’m west)

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You’re east, hence you’re seeing some models. My theory is that people in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia will see 0 models, because they’re looking into the future.

I got 31 models returned. Located on US East Coast, same GMT as NYC.

No models found. Located in Finland (GMT +2)


GMT+2 right now and I got “No models found.”

Zero models found. GMT+1.

Thanks for confirming, all… as I suspected.

If I have to add something it will be
‘At a certain trust level the 20 character limit should be removed.’

So I finally managed to see the collection - all I had to do was travel to Boulder CO. Everything is working fine now! :smiley:

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I like that quick fix!
Will you bring a boulder back?

About NY:[quote=“Barry, post:5, topic:6444”]
You’re east, hence you’re seeing some models.

Here just east of UK, GTM+1 and seeing 0 models.

GMT+1 (Denmark)
last hour : 0 model
last 2 hours : 38 models
OK with that :smile:


Not sure if the custom control will allow that - will a pebble do?

OK, try it now. Better?

Yes, in the sense that 22 models were found. On the other hand, Finland is still dark and cold to my taste, snowy and the roads are slippery, so the real location issue hasn’t been fixed. There might be a temporary fix by June.



Oh, Allyson has just moved to Europe! (or is her new model the next scale figure?)
21 models, that’s definitely better.