Yellow Triangle has me freaking



Yellow triangle with exclaimation mark has me freaking out, it says "error reading LayOut file, and all my hard work seems to be GONE! I’ve been using SU and LO for about 10 years and have never had this problem. Other files open just fine, but not my biggest project to date. Backup versions also won’t open. I’ve checked the SU files that are in the LO file, and all is fine there. Sure hope you can help! Thank you!!


Can you share the LO file so we can see what you have going on?


What does it say in Document Setup>References?


Thank you for getting back to me. I found a backup copy and all is fine. Whew.

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Glad you’re all set now. It would still be good to sort out what was going on.

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I’ve been using Su & LO for at least 10 years but I’m new to forums.
I’ve just started getting the same yellow triangle problem, on all LO files old & new.
I can’t manipulate any views properly, if I change scale & check the preserve box it doesn’t.
I have tried creating a completely new SU file as a test & exported to a new LO file but still same.
Any thoughts?


Not much to say unless you share a typical file.


I’m new to the forum how do I do that




If the LayOut file is larger than 3 Mb, upload it to DropBox and share the link.



I don’t see the yellow triangles in your file but I see you’ve modified the scenes for 3 of the four viewports and the fourth use the Last saved SketchUp view because you haven’t created any scenes for that model. Both of these can create problems especially when you need to make modifications to the SketchUp file.

Do you have rendering set to Auto in LayOut?

I’m curious as to why you have two separate SKP models for the same project.


I don’t get any yellow triangles either but I do notice there is a drawing missing in the Document Setup:

Funnily enough, when I open the SU file, I do see scenes set up.


Simon, it’s shown as missing because LayOut is looking for the original file which is on the author’s computer, not yours. That doesn’t actually indicate a problem.

There are two different SKP files. One has scenes. The other doesn’t.


Oh, right.

On a related subject, it’s a pity the Sketchup Model dialog box doesn’t tell you which file the scene relates to. Where several drawings are referenced, that could be quite useful. Or is it there somewhere?


It would be useful to see that in the SketchUp Model panel. It isn’t. But if you have References displayed, you can see which file is being referenced when you select a viewport.


So it is there somewhere in effect. Would still be useful not to have to have two dialog boxes open to find out. A small gripe though.


Yes. Agreed.


I only changed the scale in the models, but it has all changed normally I just select the scale in the sketchup models drop down & it changes straight away but now I have to double click on the model & it opens up in a box but after wards the preserve scale on resize doesn’t work.
I don’t know where to look for the rendering in layout.