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yes thanks thats all of them but how do you do it

Next time you want to post, open this thread and reply (just like you did) and add an image.

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Aurora Place
Destude Bank Place
Australia Square
AMP Centre orignal


This Tower the last and final one, there are 15 in total.


The View in Sketchup on Forest Road from Plaza/ Station to the new 100m Building


So I have two versions for this, on sketchup here with my models and one in CAD which im doing right now.

Doing the Levels of Sky-Tree, Tower Eye and Headquarters

Only SIFC, Sydney Tower Eye, Chiefly, Greenland, Citigroup, Ernest and Young, Sky-Tree and Headquarters have it.

I did the top of buildings including my own than still got the other sides to do.

Done the Top of Buildings from Tallest to Shortest and Opposite back up.

front face Part 1

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So apparently Grand H is the tallest

all that is left is Crown and the one and only SIFC

The last 3 buildings.
Crown Sydney at 275m
Sydney Tower at 309m
SIFC at 332m

Last 2