Yahoo mail won't send SU files

I cannot send a SketchUp file as an attachment with my Yahoo mail.
Is there any way to do it?
Thank you.

You could use

I can’t find any restrictions on file type in Yahoo’s documentation, so I doubt this is specific to SketchUp files. But there is a 25MB total size limit on their email. If your file plus other content is larger than that, you have to use some other file sharing service such as 3D Warehouse, DropBox or what @mihai.s suggested.

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You are correct. Yahoo will not allow you to send skp files. ZIP the files and it will work just fine.

Steve, now that you mention Dropbox, are you familiar with Dropbox?
I just signed for 1T ($10/month) and when I work in my desktop with a CAD file and later on I open the same file with my laptop, the file is not updated. What do I have to do to solve this problem?

Thank you.

Thank you sWilliams, I will try it.

It is not recommended that you work on and save changes directly to a file saved to the cloud. This includes Drop Box. Download the file from Drop Box to your local drive. Save changes to the local file and then sync the edited file to Drop Box.

Please complete your profile with SketchUp version, license type, operating system, and graphics card.

Might also help if you checked who you are replying too. You replied to me twice and all I had done was post an inappropriate aol comment that I have since set to delete.

I assume this question was directed to me, not @Box. I think the answer depends on how you have configured sync on DropBox. If the local file hasn’t yet been synced up to the cloud, or if the other computer hasn’t sync’d its local copy yet, you will not see the same content. Sometimes you have to force a sync to get things consistent.

As @DaveR noted, if you are sharing files via DropBox or other cloud/remote services, it is not safe to work directly on the shared file. There are situations in which the actions taken by DropBox while syncing a file interfere with the actions taken by SketchUp while saving a file, and errors can result. Instead, work with a non-shared local version and either manually upload it to the cloud or copy it to another place that will sync.

Thank you all for your help!!!
How do you “sync”? ( I am not very knowledgeable in computer stuff). It is the same as copy and paste?

I just started with Dropbox and I noticed that from the second day, I can see the updated files in my other 2 computers. It didn’t happen the first day that I started using the Dropbox Plus ($10 per month).

DropBox remembers the files you have sent to it and monitors them for changes in either the local version or the cloud version. Whenever it detects a difference, it send the revision from whichever has the latest to the one that has the older version. This operation is called “sync”. Ordinarily the monitoring is completely automatic and happens in the background. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for the operation to complete, especially if your network is slow, though a full day seems pretty long. I thought DropBox had an option to say “sync now”, but on looking things over I can’t find it! So, unless another expert chimes in to show how, I guess I was wrong and you just have to wait for DropBox to do it itself.

this is how it looks on my end, mine is always synced but if for some reason it isn’t synced i can click on that dropbox icon on the bottom right and choose resume syncing. is this something you were referring too? @slbaumgartner

Thank you that helps.