Yahoo doesn't like SketchUp (?)

Every time I want to attach a SU file to my Yahoo email, it just doesn’t take it. I get the warning: “We hit a technical glitch”.
With my gmail there is no problem. Any idea?
Thank you.

either add .skp to Yahoo mails accepted file formats [if possible] or zip the .skp file before adding…

this is necessary for many ‘unknown’ file formats…

as Google is a former owner of SU, I guess they added .skp to gmail long ago…


How or where can I add .skp to Yahoo mails accepted file formats?

I think that only Yahoo can do that. I tried both attaching and drag-and-dropping a small file and got this error:

After compressing (zipping) it (as @john_drivenupthewall suggested) , it attached just fine and went through to my gmail account.

Here’s their official list of banned file types, FWIW: