Y Distance Issue in a Dynamic Block

Street Test.skp (1.5 MB)

Hello, hoping someone smarter than I might be able to troubleshoot my issue in this dynamic component.

Basically the component can be set to any 5’ length of road, (5’, 20’, 150’, etc.) with an adjustable parkway, both in material and width. The issue is with the sidewalk on the left side. the street and curbs all move correctly when the parkway width is adjusted but the sidewalk is always off except at 3’, which is what everything was drawn off of.

Any insight would be appreciated!

Did a quick check. To solve that particular issue you need to consider 492" instead of 528" and count twice the width of the parkway.
Something like this: =492"+(2*Street!Parkway_Width)
That way you are not constraining the component by the initial 3’.

I’m no expert on dynamic components, so someone else might point you a better solution.

Street Test_v2.skp (1.4 MB)

All of the component axes are aligned with the model axes, except one: Curb Left#3.

I moved the component axes:

84" = 7ft and Parkway_Width is 10ft. Total is 17ft to the RED axis, GREEN axis intersection. But because Curb Left#3 is a rotated copy of Curb Left#2, its GREEN LenY is pointed in the opposite direction you need.

So instead of 84" for 7ft, change the Curb Right function, Position Y to 60" for 5ft.


I made unique and renamed one of the two Sidewalk Right components to Sidewalk Right#1. Then I changed Position Y from:


to: =

This seems to be working.

Thank you both! I fixed the axis locations and accounted for the 2nd parkway width, works like a charm now!

Thanks again!