Xiaomi 13.3 i5 for sketchup

Hello everybody from a new member…
I an in search of an ultra portable netbook that can also handle sketchup mostly on woodworking projects(furniture etc.) . I have come to
xiaomi air 13.3

1920 x 1080
[i5-8250U 1.60GHz]
[256 GB SSD]
[8 GB]
[Nvidia GeForce MX15 02 GB]

Do you think is a right choise for the things i want to do?


If you want an ultraportable this might be one of the best you can find. I have an old Asus Zenbook that is probably much slower than this, and it runs my small models quite OK. Very few of the available ultraportable models have Nvidia graphics so your choice is limited.

I found a review that purports the battery life to be a drawback.
They also say that the USB Type-C port is used also for the power port, so you cannot use it for say a display when you need to be plugged into AC power. (But it also has a HDMI port so you could use that for an external display.) Only 2 USB 3.0 ports if that matters. (It has Bluetooth so wireless mouse and/or keyboard wouldn’t need USB ports.)

(Specs say that the MX150 can support up to 4GB VRAM, but reviews tend to suggest the edition used in the Xiaomi Mi has only 2GB VRAM.)

A few vendors I checked were sold out, so this product appears to be quite popular.