Wrong window in Layout

Does anyone else have this happen?

You set up scenes in SU. You export to LO. You copy pages and then change the chosen scene page by page. Usually everything works just fine and you see what you expect to see. But sometimes you get what you see below with no correlation between SU scene and LO viewport. You can go back to SU and make sure the file has been newly saved. You can go back into LO and update, but nothing changes.

Maybe I’m missing something (wouldn’t be the first time!)?

If I delete the viewport and reimport the SU drawing, the problem goes away.

I haven’t seen that. If you save and close the file is the problem there when you reopen it? If it is, can you send me the file the next time you see it?

OK, so Dave has found the problem for me.

It seems the problem comes when you copy a viewport that has already been cropped. The workaround is to make a copy of the viewport (say onto the clipboard) before you start cropping. When you want a new viewport use Ctrl-V and then change the scene.

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