Wrapping vector images

I’m new to 3D design and wish to know if this is the right software for me! I simply want to know if I can wrap my 2D vector images around a hollow sphere, be able to edit the line work and save it as .iges file for laser cutting? Any help with this would be very much appreciated.


Which format do your vector images have?

For SketchUp to do what you describe, it needs an importer for the vector image file and an exporter to output the result. As Cotty noted, you didn’t specify the format of the image file, so we can’t say whether SketchUp can import it.

At this time, SketchUp does not have any built-in support to export a .iges file. There is an iges export extension available from the sketchUcation plugin store, but it says it was last updated in 2013, so I don’t know whether it will run in SketchUp 2014 or 2015 (the Ruby version changed in 2014 and many old plugins required updating to run).