Wrappers and Photo Match?

Hello everyone had a couple questions, so I am trying to make a couple of faucets for a project of mine and I would like for the user to be able to change the material of the faucet only thing is its a photo match texture is there any way that I am able to switch between different photos to allow me to change the material?

When you say photo match, do you mean it’s just a texture from a photo or is it projected? If it’s just a texture that you imported into your model, you can refer to it in dynamic component the same way as the native colour palette. Just need to tell the component the name of the texture. So you’ll have to first import all your photo texture into the model, then you can refer to any of them in the dynamic component option menu.

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This would be removed from any textures derived from a Matched Photo but these two self-paced-tutorials you can download from the 3D warehouse might give you some ideas on how to let users change component materials:

Projecting and Embedding Textures in Dynamic Components
Understanding Texture Behavior in Dynamic Components

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Wow thanks guys I will look into both and also look into the tutorials thanks Chamberz and thanks Quantj

and Quantj this is a texture thats projected from a photo match