Would need some 2 rendered pictures for master thesis

Hello guys,

I am studying electrical engineering and I am working on my master thesis. Therefore I had to build something which I am testing and also started writing on my paper. It would be awesome if I could render some objects which I would put into my master thesis. So since I have not a lot of time left and this is not really a must have so of course I can just draw it with paint to be honest and just 2D would be probably the same, but as I said it would be really ■■■■ nice if someone could help me with this. So you might ask yourself wait a minute if everyone just comes in and says “I need this I need that” we are not “make a wish”-community I clearly understand that, what I can offer are my programming skills. So in case that person which would draw those two pictures and render them needs anything done in Java (for school or private interest) well I could offer my knowledge there and do some work there.

Hopefully someone has some free time and is a nice guy who wants to help someone :slightly_smiling_face:

I would write you a pm and explain what I basically would need. Thanks in advance just for taking the time to read this!

Best rgards,


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