Would going Pro help, is SketchUp fundamentally flaky or is it my graphics cards

I have been building a big landscape model, on two different machines. A number of things just don’t work as tutorials and add on descriptions would have you believe. E.g. had real difficulty getting the ground-plan to transfer onto planes and meshes below. Did get some of it transfer, but with so many missing bits it was useless. Also surfaces suddenly decide to fragment and become unworkable etc.

Will things work better in Pro?
Are there add on that only work in Pro that make it better?

Sounds like you are using sandbox, sandbox’s functionality is the same in make and pro versions.
Solid tools are the extensions (add-on) available on pro version only.

Otherwise, there isn’t much of functionality difference related to what you are describing.

Basically if your graphic card or some other part of you system is making SU Make behave badly, upgrading to pro won’t help.
You are better off finding the problem and getting Make running smooth before committing to Pro.

And an image or the model would help us to help you more specific…